Smartphone Unlocking & System Repair in Toronto

If your iPhone is stuck on Apple logo, has a black screen of death, or stuck in recovery mode, we can fix it (unless it is related to a hardware failure). If your Samsung or some other Android brand is blacklisted because you bought it from a Kijiji seller who scammed you, we can  help you to unblock the phone by repairing its bad IMEI (iPhone or Pixel / Huawei phones not supported).

We only unlock mobile phones as this is perfectly legal. When you unlock a phone all you are doing is removing the service provider or network operator’s restrictions. This then enables your smartphone to work with an alternate network operator or use other non-original SIM card. Once a phone has been unlocked you can use any network SIM card with your phone on your own chosen network without having to buy a new phone.

We also provide remote unlock for any mobile phones which are supported on this type of service. Remote Unlocking is the kind of service in which you don’t need to send in your phone to us for unlock, all you have to do is tell us some details about your phone then we can supply you the unlock code without any hassle. Whether you are looking for any type of mobile phone unlocking in Toronto, we offer our fast services.

Benefits of Unlocking Your cell phone

  • An unlocked cell phone will accept any SIM card giving added flexibility for choice of operator
  • An unlocked cell phone will also accept foreign SIM cards, useful for extending overseas vacations

Please contact us to schedule an appointment, if you have a problem other than the ones listed. We’ll be more than happy to help.