How do you efficiently manage your employees’ mobile devices in business operations?

Do you own and manage a small or medium size company and want to manage efficiently the operation of your employees in the field, and help you secure and manage your employees’ mobile devices, simply and easily, through a single administration console?

You may not have an IT personnel or team to help your business but you want to secure and control the flow of company data, access to work apps, and use of the network on your employee mobile devices. Since there are so many of them, all with different kinds of mobile devices (smartphones, smart tablets, Surface 2-in-1 laptop etc.) and many are employees’ own personal smartphones, you may need to get a simple mobile device management tool for your business.

What you want is to simply manage many mobile devices securely, but doesn’t burden you with extra processes to go through many rules or steps to learn it.

We can provide a consultancy service to you on choosing the right Mobile Device Management (MDM) system for your business needs.

Some important solutions you can get with MDM:

  • Keep employees happy and data secure with easy to set-up mobile management for Android, iOS, and others.
  • Choose the right mobile devices for your business needs or allow employees to bring their own mobile devices
  • Distribute necessary work apps to mobile devices
  • Configure email on employee devices and wifi setup in minutes.
  • Erase confidential data with device app and data wipe or selective account wipe remotely.
  • Internet security and malware threat monitoring
  • Quickly see a snapshot of your company’s device inventory
  • Protect the company data by enforcing device encryption, strong passcodes, and block access to unapproved apps and settings to protect your sensitive information.

If you need to consult us on something about mobile device management for your small business, please contact us. We’ll do our best to help you!