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Need a Blackberry smartphone repair ?
Did you accidentally crack your Blackberry Screen?
Did your Blackberry stop charging or holding battery power?
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Nothing to worry about, Toronto Smartphone Repair can fix your Blackberry in minutes

Blackberry, formerly known as Research in Motion is one of the premier device manufacturers on the market. BlackBerry was one of the most popular mobile device manufacturers during the period prior to the new style of phones which feature massive touch screens. While BlackBerry makes devices with excellent screens, they still specialize in the full keyboard devices which made them so popular.

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We provide on the spot service Blackberry traditional and Blackberry 10 screen repairs:

  • Dtek Screen Repair
  • KeyOne Screen Repair
  • KeyTwo Screen Repair
  • Motion Screen Repair
  • Priv Screen Repair
  • Leap (Z20) Screen Repair
  • Classic (Q20) Screen Repair
  • Passport (Q30) Screen Repair
  • Blackberry LCD touch screen replacement
  • Blackberry touch screen or digitizer replacement
  • Blackberry keypad repair or trackpad/trackwheel replacement
  • Blackberry charging port / SIM reader / microphone / speaker repair

We also repair other Blackberry problems:

  • Blackberry battery replacement
  • Blackberry charging port replacement
  • Blackberry earpiece repair
  • Blackberry microphone repair (mic repair)
  • Blackberry keypad repair
  • Blackberry headphone jack repair
  • Blackberry camera repair
  • Blackberry trackpad repair
  • Blackberry scroll wheel repair
  • Blackberry software re-install or unlocking

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