A guide from a phone repair specialist.

Almost all of us has been through the situation that a smartphone or a tablet is broken. Depending on many factors, you have a big decision to take. This decision should be also taken quickly because smartphones and tablets are indispensable nowadays. Most of us cannot spend hours without checking smartphone or tablet.

Repairs ….. to do or not to do?

Depending on the value of the device that has broken, it may or may not even make sense to bring it in for a look see. Cost of the repair varies depending on the maker & model of the device, so you need to make a judgement call as to if it is even worth the trouble and expense.

Questions you should consider:

  • What is the value of the broken device?
  • Do you use it often or is this something you can live without for a while?
  • How much is it for a new/replacement device?
  • Can you afford the expense of a repair or new item?
  • Are you in a rush or can you wait for the repair to be done ?
  • What are you going to do with the old one?

Here are some questions to ask on whether to repair or not repair, vs. replace it with a used phone or what to consider in buying a new phone.

1. Does a new device actually mean a better device?

Answer: Not necessary. Most pre-owned devices perform as well as new one (buy from a shop with its own warranty, not from an individual online seller that could scam you with a bricked phone).

2. Should I consider if repairing is lower than buying a new device?

Answer: It depends on your phone maker’s model and type of damage to be repaired. If the repair cost is less or about 50% price of a new one, it may worth your effort to repair it (Note: iPhone repair costs are usually much cheaper than Samsung phones).

3. Where to repair it?

Answer: It depends on time, quality of parts, technician’s experience and repair warranty provided by the repair shop. If the fix is relatively quick with no hassle, then it is probably more efficient to go ahead and fix it.

4. Is it better to buy an unlocked phone from a retailer or with contract form a carrier?

Answer: Buying a new phone from a carrier is like buying a car with installment payments. Depending on your financial, if you have a good and cheap existing plan or prepaid plan, you may be better to buy a good pre-owned or new unlocked phone outright and save money on monthly payments.

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