So, you just broke the front panel on your phone. Now, you are confused, whether to replace it yourself or just go for a new one. Many people who want to DIY or “do-it-yourself” look for advice on how to repair their broken gadgets.  We at Toronto Smartphone Repair advise people to consider a few things before they attempt to fix their cracked smartphone or tablet on their own self.

The following tips will help you determine whether or not repair the smartphone or tablet on your own.

Repair at your own risk

Your device, you broke it and now if you are planning to fix it on your own, remember – you are doing it at your OWN risk. You can get injured or worse can damage the device beyond repair. It is advised to take the device back to the manufacturer, if it is under a warranty. And, in case you screw it up as you can’t afford to be without it, either take it to the repair shop or just wait until you buy a new one. Remember, attempt a repair only when you don’t have any other option left.

  1. Getting replacement parts can be hard or impossible

    If you decide to fix your device, you will require its replacement parts. And, this can be a real pain. It’s not something that you can easily find on every street corner. Furthermore, manufacturers don’t make it easy for their customers to buy any replacement part.

    Fortunately, the Internet can be your friend. There are online websites where you can find replacement parts for smartphones and tablets. In case, you couldn’t find your part there, then you might look for a broken unit from where you can scrounge the part.

  2. Get the right tools
  3. Once you get the spare parts, now you need to ensure that you have the right tools to fix the things. If you are trying your hands on iPhones or MacBook Air, then you will require special screwdrivers to open them. You can also get a screwdriver set having a variety of small hex, Torx, nut driver bits, etc. Also, keep a few more tools to pry and pop loose your device’s outer case.

  4. Prepare the work space well
  5. Before starting the repair job, you need to prepare your work area. Keep the area clear and remove any liquids that might spill. Acquire a large open space so that you can lay all your parts easily. Also, create a soft spot to keep all the tiny screws and removed components.

  6. Take your time, don’t be in a hurry
  7. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. While repairing, take your time and focus on each and every part. If you are having trouble removing the cover, perhaps there is a screw that you need to unscrew. Heat the adhesive that holds the panel to separate it carefully. Don’t exert any physical force on the components as you might damage them even more.

Keep these things before you open up your phone or tablet. For professional assistance you can contact our technicians at Toronto Smartphone Repair.