Repair Warranty provided

Our experienced and certified technicians will fix your phone using state-of-the-art equipment and high quality parts, backed by a 30-day repair warranty on defective part (a re-work labor cost will apply).

About Our Repair Services

  • Highly trained, expert certified technicians (level 3 repairs)
  • Onsite electronics / circuit board repair equipment
  • Free estimates and Free consultation on your problems to your satisfaction
  • Full line of accessories available, including external batteries, emergency power chargers,  earphones, bike and car mounts, protective cases/belt clip pouches/wallet case, tempered glass screen protectors, external or wireless charging and many other useful accessories.
  • Walk-ins or Mail-in repair services
  • Excellent customer service is a priority
  • Online  and telephone status updates.

30-day warranty on defective repair parts

All repairs carry 30 day warranty from the day the device is received from our repair shop. Warranty is limited to the specific repair replacement part used.
Liquid damage and physical damage (such as accidental drop or bent or hard pressure) or abuse voids all warranty.

We Provide the following Software Services:

  • Mobile Data Transfer from damaged phone to a new phone or a memory card.
  • Data Backup and Recovery from a malfunctioning smartphone or tablet.
  • iPhone iOS and Android firmware Restoration or Re-installation.
  • Jail-breaking of iOS and Rooting of Android OS.
  • IMEI Factory Unlocking and Repair.
  • Custom ROM installation.

Contact customer service by email to:

or call directly at 647-347-4200.