Smartphone Protection Program against Accidental Damage & Handling (ADH).

Accident happens: If you buy your new unlocked phone from an online store or a big electronics retailer, you may want to get a WarrantyLife Protection plan to safeguard your expensive purchase against losses due to accidental damage & handling (drop or liquid spill damage etc.) mishaps. 

DynaSmart – the WarrantyLife ‘s authorized Repair service provider in the GTA of Toronto that can provide fast same-day repair for many smartphones such as iPhone and Samsung phones.

To get a WarrantyLife protection plan, you need to provide your device purchase invoice (to be scanned) when you register, verify your device is good condition using an App and pay for the Extended Warranty program.

The protection plan includes the following terms and conditions:

  • The manufacturer’s warranty covers defects due to parts or workmanship (up to one year from the date of purchase) for the new purchase. During this time, our extended protection plan will refer you to the manufacturer if there’s an issue with your item that is covered by the warranty so that they can resolve it. The WarrantyLife coverage begins after the manufacturer’s warranty expires (there is no gap in coverage).

  • The program covers new device purchases including Apple iPhone 6S (Plus), 7 (Plus), 8 (Plus), X and Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8, S8 Plus, A5, A8 & Note 8 phones.
  • First broken screen repaired for absolutely no extra cost as long as there’s no other damage to your device.
  • Up to $600 in Coverage per Claim.
  • Your first Claim is free, but for the second Claim, you have to pay $50 to $100 of deductible (depending on the device maker & model).
  • Don’t cover theft or loss, blacklisting / iCloud locking of your phone.
  • Repair service cover: broken display screen/back cover, bad charging port, battery, microphone/speaker, camera and water damage diagnostic & repair if possible. WE DO NOT COVER DAMAGE TO THE MOTHERBOARD DUE TO WATER DAMAGE!
  • If we can’t fix your broken phone, we replace it with an equivalent phone.

WarrantyLife protection for iPhone and Samsung phone costs from $70 to $110 (depending on the device cost) for 360 days period.