2-in-1 laptop (a.k.a. 2-in-1 tablet2-in-1 laptop2-in-1 detachable notebook), is a portable computer that has features of both tablets and laptops.

A Chromebook is a laptop or tablet running the Linux-based Chrome OS as its operating system. The devices are primarily used to perform a variety of tasks using the Google Chrome browser, with most applications and data residing in the cloud rather than on the machine itself.

Convertible Hybrid 2-in-1 Laptop PC & Chromebook tablet includes:

  • Lenovo Chromebook PC & Yoga tablet
  • HP Chromebook
  • Asus Chromebook
  • Acer Chromebook
  • Google Pixelbook

New types of Smart Wireless & Wearable device includes:

  • Apple Watch and Android smart watches (Samsung Gear, LG Smartwatch etc.)
  • Amazon Echo speakers and Echo show (with Alexa intelligent personal assistant) 
  • Google Home Smart Speakers and Nest Hubs (Max) smart display
  • Facebook (TV) Portal and Oculus VR headsets
  • Home security cameras and door locks

While we try to keep up with the trend in these smart wireless device, there are very few options for consumers when it comes to repairing these smart wireless gadgets /devices.

Let’s have a look at the 5 most common misconceptions about it:

When a third-party shop repairs a smart wireless device, the warranty voids

If you have an smart wireless device with a cracked screen or any other damage, the limited one-year warranty of your device is already voided. Going to a third-party repair shop won’t harm your warranty. Authorized service providers usually try to convince consumers to purchase a new device instead of getting it repaired. Repair shops will always do their best to repair your device so you don’t have to purchase a new one with new contract.

The repair costs too much money

The repair prices are usually less than 50% of new device purchases and we generally charge only for our labor cost on top of the replacement part price. We will lower our prices according to the market condition and latest price and availability of parts in local area. Many people assume it’ll cost a fortune to have their device repaired, however we can guarantee repairing your smartphone will usually cost much less than what it will take to buy a new replacement.

My smart device can’t be fixed

If there was a water damage or severe accidental damage where the motherboard was damaged, we may not be able to repair your smart wireless device. However we can guarantee that if we have the part in stock or can buy the part from our local suppliers or buy online at a reasonable price, our professional technician will do his best to repair or salvage your device, or we may recommend a replacement or even offer a pre-owned device that will satisfy your needs.

I can fix my device at home

Smart wireless device users often want to purchase repair parts online, attempt to fix their devices at home, and then end up showing in their local repair shop with a partially disassembled device. For repairing such a tiny but complicated product you don’t need to be a genius, but it is important to realize how time-consuming (and frustrating) this task can get. While we would never stop a DIY enthusiast from attempting to fix his or her own device, we must tell you that it looks a lot simpler than it really is. Even if you successfully put together all the pieces, the screen’s failure to turn on will make you go through a long troubleshooting process. Unless you’re familiar with technical aspects of your device or confident with your abilities, we recommend the inexperienced consumer to let the professionals perform this job.

The shop does not have qualified technicians

In every kind of industry, dishonest businesses do exist who take advantage of their customers. They can give an industry a bad name, but this should not refrain you from trusting the industry as a whole. As trustworthy business owner with more than 30 years engineering background in high-tech, we recruits certified technicians and provide superior educational advises to support an excellent customer service.

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