Water Damage / Motherboard Repair in Toronto

Water damage repair is one of the most common repairs. If you dropped your phone in water or soaked in liquid, time is a factor in saving your phone from further damage.

Here is a list of things to do if your phone was exposed to water that can help you to save it.

  • Don’t Press Anything: Don ‘t turn it on, don’t use the phone, don’t press any key, don’t navigate.
  • Remove its battery if it is user-removable, also its protective case and the SIM card & SD Micro card.
  • Dry the water damaged phone with a dry towel or cloth, but don’t blow it.
  • Do not take the phone apart but try to dry with: a vacuum, rice bag as a drying pouch, silica gel pack.
  • Wait for 36 – 48 hours for the moisture in the water damaged phone to dry out completely.
  • Check the phone, if moisture remains evident, DO NOT re-insert the battery or attempt to power it on just yet.
  • If your phone does not power on, bring it immediately to a phone repair center to have it opened up for cleaning, dry up, diagnostic and test.

It only costs you about $30 to have a water damage diagnostic & cleaning, but if you power up while the moisture is still not completely dried up inside, it may cause serious damage to your phone, due to a short circuit from corrosion on electrical circuits of the motherboard.

We can replace some IC chip on the motherboard, but if we can’t repair a water damaged phone due to a short-circuited motherboard, then you can offer you a Trade-in credit for a used or new phone we have in stock.

We can cast our expert eye to get your water damaged phone diagnostic and assessed was wrong and if it is worth a repair.

We can help to diagnose your phone if it’s been:

  • Splashed by liquid or soaked by rain
  • Dropped in water or on a hard surface
  • Dropped into a toilet or spilled a coffee/drink
  • Left in a damp place or affected by moisture condensation.

We are specialists in mobile phone repair, and if your phone’s been damaged by liquid, we can tell you whether or not your phone is recoverable.

We can do micro soldering works on a motherboard to repair a damaged circuit or replace bad IC chip due to rusting /hard impact /bending to fix issues such as:

  • iPhone display malfunction not due to LCD touch screen (touch IC /  back-light IC replacement)
  • Power/battery cannot be charged up (charging IC or power management IC replacement)
  • WiFi network connection fails / grayed out (wifi IC replacement) 
  • iPhone stuck at “Apple logo” at boot up after a hard drop (Re-solder & rewire loosen IC chip)
  • Audio problem (microphone & earpiece speaker not working)
  • Searching or No Service issues or any other software or hardware issues (such as proximity sensor, gyro sensor etc.)